A Fox And A Marmot | Spellbound Pilgrim

A Fox And A Marmot

«Where, my dear, do you so run without looking
back?» Fox was asked by Marmot.

«Oh, my sport!
I suffer from slander and is banished for bribes.
You know, I was a judge at some poultry-yard,
there I have lost my health and my rest in the affairs,
so much taking trouble and pains I did not eat or sleep
and as ill luck would have it despite this fact
I have fallen out of favor; it is all owing of slander.
Well, judge for yourself:
who in the world will be right if listening to slander?
I take bribes? Do you mean to say I am mad?
Well, for example, have you ever seen
so that I was engaged in this sin?
Think, recollect thoroughly».

«No, my dear; but I quite often saw
that your snout was covered in down».

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