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A Frog And An Ox

Having seen some Ox in the meadow a Frog had contrived a thought to match in portliness with the Ox; because the Frog was envious. It suddenly started to make great efforts, to puff and to inflate.
“Just look at me, croaky! Am I as big as that Ox?” — it asked its friend.
“No, dear, far from it!”
-”Look on, how widely I’m going to swell. Well, what? Have I filled out yet?”
-”Next to nothing”
-”Well, and how now?”
-”It is precisely as it was”.
The Frog kept on puffing. In the end, out of much effort even without having become equal to the Ox in size my whimsical frog was dead.

There is more than one such example in our life: is not it strange when a petty bourgeois wishes to live as an eminent citizen, or a small fry as a noble lord?

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