Night Has Come | Spellbound Pilgrim

Night Has Come

The night has come,
the twilight has lain down on the surface of earth,
deserted hills sink in a haze,
the rain clouds gathered at the east.

Here our heroes sleep
an eternal rest in the graves,
over them the wind sings a song
and stars look at them from the sky.

That is not the volley has been heard -
it is a thunder has rumbled in the distance.
And now all is quiet around,
In the night’s silence all is gentle again.

Sleep, soldiers,
sleep a quiet dream.
May you have a dream of your native fields
and of your distant home.

Even if you were lost in fight,
your feat calls us to struggle!
The national banner washed
with your sacred blood
we shall carry on forward!

We shall meet a new life
and cast off the burden of slave shackles!
The nation will not ever forget
the valor of its sons.

Sleep, soldiers,
glory to you forever.
Our sweet homeland will never
be conquered by the enemy!

Silence. Night.
Only sorghum rustles.
Heroes, sleep in peace.
Your dearest motherland reverently
treasures your memory.

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