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Well, Cheerful Wind, Sing For Us A Song Please

Well, cheerful wind, sing for us a song please!
You have roved around
All seas and all mountains in the world
And all songs on the earth has heard.

Sing for us, wind, about the wild hills,
About the great secrets of the deep seas,
About the birds’ tweets,
About the dark blue open spaces,
About the courageous great people!

Who has got used to struggle for victory,
Let them begin singing with us:
He who is cheerful — that laughs,
He who wants — that will achieve,
He who searches — that will always find!

Sing for us, wind, about the dense thickets,
About the wild beast’s confused traces,
About the night rustles,
About the muscles of steel,
About joy of the fighting victories!

Sing for us, wind, about glory and boldness,
About scientists, heroes, fighters,
So that one’s heart would be excited,
So that everyone would like
To catch up with and overtake one’s fathers!

Sing for us a song so that in it
All spring songs of the earth would sound ,
So that the trumpets would ring,
So that the lips would echo,
So that the feet would go more cheerfully!

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